What is Beyond the Flowers

You know that thing that happens when you first learn a new word or phrase? It can even be the name of an actor or band. You begin seeing it everywhere: billboards, emails, articles, and you soon begin to wonder if it was always there and simply not paid attention to. Not to say that you were ignoring it before, but it’s easy for a busy mind to fade such things quickly into its background music. It is no secret that the details we pick up are directly related to our current situation or status in life. For example, I needed a new car inspection sticker in May, and the longer I put off getting it, the more I saw gas stations and car shops advertise their services. I swear that was the only time I have ever noticed the sticker on the signs, even though I passed the same companies every day.

Then there are those times we wonder if such things come into our minds on purpose. Obviously, every month a gas station tells us to get our inspection sticker at their place, but what about the things that can be taken as “signs”, the kinds of things that are perhaps put in front of our face by a force lager than ourselves, or maybe there is a force that takes our brains, and flips a switch as to say, “Hey, you! Pay attention to this! Appreciate this!” For me that “thing” I keep referring to is flowers. Weird, you notice flowers more in the summer! That is not what I am saying, smartasses. What I am talking about is flowers jumping out at me wherever I go, wherever I walk. Beautiful flowers, weeds that disguise themselves as flowers, you name it. My appreciation for one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular accessories, no doubt, comes from my grandmother. After losing her this past July, my mind cannot help but take time to slow down and notice each and every flower I come across. My grandma’s passion was gardening and nurturing her flowers, and I know that acknowledging the flowers around me is acknowledging her. To refer back to my original thought process: Yes, I do think the flowers have been there all along, but no, they have never been this bright and meaningful to me before. What a wonderful gift I have been given to always take in the flowers, to be more tuned into the beauty around me, and appreciate a gift of summer I often took for granted.



My family and I took a trip to Edgartown, Ma in Martha’s Vineyard a few weeks after she passed away. She was supposed to be physically on the trip with us, but she was for certain with us in the many flowers we saw throughout our weekend. The pictures below are the ones I took on that trip in August. (click on photos to enlarge)

IMG_1540 IMG_1566 IMG_1542 IMG_1565 IMG_1513 IMG_1500 IMG_1494 IMG_1482 IMG_1493 IMG_1476 IMG_1484 IMG_1492 IMG_1474 IMG_1471 IMG_1461 IMG_1466 IMG_1470 IMG_1473 IMG_1472 IMG_1459 IMG_1450 IMG_1449 IMG_1453



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