What is Beyond the Flowers

You know that thing that happens when you first learn a new word or phrase? It can even be the name of an actor or band. You begin seeing it everywhere: billboards, emails, articles, and you soon begin to wonder … Continue reading


Get in loser, we’re going shopping. This week marks the ten-year anniversary of Mean Girls. For ten years I have been telling people “you can’t sit with us!” and to “suck on that”. Thanks to the film, I know the … Continue reading

Teeing Up and Skiing Up: My Journey as an Individual Sports Enthusiast

Growing up, I just about attempted every sport in the book of childhood sports and activities.  Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, hockey, sailing, track, volleyball, and swimming, to name a few.  To be quite frank, I sucked at most, and could … Continue reading

My Irrational Obsessions of 2013

It could be fair to say I have an addictive personality. Instead of substances, the addiction lies more in pop-culture related items or “fads”. The only example I can grant you from my earlier life would be the first time … Continue reading