Think for a second. If you could have friends, family, ex booty-calls, and semi-strangers describe you in two ways, wouldn’t you want them to say you are “chill as fuck” with a “strong rockin’ bod and mind”? If those are … Continue reading

Teeing Up and Skiing Up: My Journey as an Individual Sports Enthusiast

Growing up, I just about attempted every sport in the book of childhood sports and activities.  Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, hockey, sailing, track, volleyball, and swimming, to name a few.  To be quite frank, I sucked at most, and could … Continue reading


Valentine’s day is around the corner. No better day to show those you love, or those you love sleeping with, how much you mean to them. Conversation hearts are a great, candid way to do that. My only issue, is … Continue reading

An Apology, A “Recipe”, and a Snowstorm.

Ok, ok. I’m going to be completely honest here. I got 100% sidetracked when I created this blog. My original intentions were as follows: to provide a platform where readers can come and gather hints for their next meal, purchase, … Continue reading

My Irrational Obsessions of 2013

It could be fair to say I have an addictive personality. Instead of substances, the addiction lies more in pop-culture related items or “fads”. The only example I can grant you from my earlier life would be the first time … Continue reading

Why Lorde is Cooler at 16 Than We Could Ever Hope to Be at Any Age.

Think back to when you were sixteen. If you are reading this, and currently are sixteen, then just think. If you are not sixteen yet, then please do not read this post, you are too young, and I tend to … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.

Linus and his blanket are everything to me. I type this using my own 25-year-old baby blanket as a means to keep my head propped up. Does anyone know a Linus in real life? If so, please do let me know. I feel like we would make great friends—unless the Linus you know is a serial killer, then ignorance is bliss, and I can continue on Linus-less. That is until I get another dog, or have a child, or develop a new imaginary friend, and name any of those three Linus. As far as I am concerned, Linus is my baby Jesus. No Jesus, no Christmas. No Linus, no best-Christmas-movie-of-all-time. If it weren’t for Linus, no one would know what Christmas was all about. If you need a reminder, please educate yourself, and jump on this Linus train with me! Thank you, Mr. Schulz, you have created my cartoon soulmate. Now, go grab your co-dependent baby blankets, and tell me, what’s your favorite Christmas or holiday movie of all time?